Dr. Emrys Evans

Dr. Emrys Evans has won the Learned Society of Wales’ Dillwyn Medal 2021 (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine), awarded in recognition of early career research excellence.

Dr. Emrys Evans receives one of our Dillwyn medals 2021 (STEMM) for his work and research in the field of optoelectronics.

Dr Evans, a Royal Society University Research Fellow in Chemistry, at Swansea University, works in the field of organic semiconductors, studying a new class of materials with potential applications ranging from optoelectronics to quantum information science.

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On receiving the medal, Dr. Evans said:

“I am thrilled to receive this, and want to thank my mentors, collaborators and students from past to present.

“My research explores molecular materials that could enable more energy-efficient light generation and create the basis of new technologies. I grew up in Swansea and am excited to have returned last year, and to lead my research from Wales.”