Dr. Ben Guy

Dr. Ben Guy is our Dillwyn Medal (Humanities & Creative Arts) recipient, 2021, for his research on medieval Welsh genealogy.

Dr. Ben Guy is a Fellow of Robinson College and Teaching Associate at the University of Cambridge.

His research explores the written culture of medieval Wales.

He works on medieval Welsh genealogy and its relationship with Welsh culture and politics, as well as teaching the history of early medieval Britain and Ireland.

Read more about Dr. Guy’s work here.

On receiving the medal, Dr. Guy said:

“It is a great honour indeed for my work to be recognised in this way. Having grown up in Wales, I have always been motivated to learn more about its fascinating history and culture.

“I hope that I can inspire others to seek a deeper understanding of this beautiful yet complex land.”

Dr Sharon Thompson and Dr Joey Whitfield (both of Cardiff University) were also highly commended by the Medal Committee.