Black Lives Matter Series

A series that explores issues linked to the protests and debates prompted by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

The series draws upon Welsh experience and research.

Paul Robeson: The Relationship with Wales – Myths and Lessons

Professor Daniel Williams FLSW explores Paul Robeson’s links with Wales and the lessons we can learn from that relationship as we strive for a more tolerant Wales.

Language, Inclusivity and the Stories We Tell

Dr Nelson Mlambo, University of Namibia, and Professor Loredana Polezzi FLSW discuss the importance of listening to the stories that others tell us.

They discuss the Transnationalising Modern Languages programme and the Phoenix Project and the collaboration between the Universities of Namibia and Cardiff.

Welsh Poetry’s Response to the Atlantic Slave Trade

Poetry was one of the earliest literary forms used in Britain in the second half of the eighteenth century to move public opinion against the slave trade. Welsh poetry, too, was important in promoting awareness of, and opposition to, the horrors of the Atlantic slave trade among Welsh people.

These two articles, by Professor E. Wyn James FLSW, School of Welsh, Cardiff University, explore how Welsh poets left their mark on the abolitionist movement.

Hamed Amiri: The Boy with Two Hearts

Hamed Amiri discusses the story of his family’s journey from Afghanistan to south Wales.

Welsh Plains: Wales and its Slave Trade Past

Dr Chris Evans discusses Welsh involvement in the Atlantic Slave Trade.