Welsh Affairs Committee Inquiry on Broadcasting in Wales

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“Learned societies exist in large part to recognise and appreciate intellectual excellence and merit. There is a direct parallel with the BBC, justifiably renowned for its excellence as the foremost public broadcaster. While the LSW understands the logic of the present Review, it is concerned that the excellence and independence of the Corporation should not be put at risk. Nor should there be any doubt about its being able to maintain high quality production, responding to its various audiences and maintaining its global reputation. […]

Its distinguished record of bringing the UK to the world and the world to the UK is a basic element of the BBC’s reputation and of obvious benefit. It needs likewise to reflect the UK accurately and comprehensively to itself. We would like to see BBC services become much more widely reflective of the present and past of Wales. It should address our country’s politics, our history, indeed the range of subjects which can be termed Welsh affairs, and it should do so in both our national languages.  The performance of just such a mix of educational, cultural, political, and other roles is an obvious requirement of a public broadcaster. By the same token, the BBC should do much more to disseminate the best of Wales beyond the borders of the country.”

LSW Comments to Welsh Affairs Committee, Broadcasting in Wales