Lessons from Small Innovative Nations

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We are currently convening a programme of activities to help inform and improve innovation policies and practices in Wales.  The programme is led by Prof Rick Delbridge, special advisor to the President on innovation, and supported by Dr Sarah Morse, Policy and Public Affairs Manager and Dr Justyna Prosser, our freelance Policy Assistant.

This is a timely programme given the publication of the BEIS Innovation Strategy for the UK, the Advanced Research and Invention Agency Bill, the increasing importance of a place-based agenda, and the UK government’s spending review commitment to increase R&D spend by 35% to £20billion in the next 3 years.

At the same time, the Welsh Government is reviewing its innovation policies and is currently developing a new integrated cross-governmental strategy for innovation, and the TER Bill (Wales) will alter the landscape for research and innovation within HE.

The write-up of the second discussion, which considered lessons from small innovation ecosystems (Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Basque country), is available here.