Making Sense of Microaggressions

9 Mar, 2023:

1:00 pm -

9 Mar, 2023:

2:00 pm

Some people are reluctant to talk about race or do not know where to start. Yet, in order to promote an inclusive research culture, it is necessary to hold conversations about race and gain understanding of what perpetuates racism in everyday life.

This is one of the key ideas that will be explored in an interactive talk we’re running with Susan Cousins and Barry Diamond for our Early Career Researchers Network. 

Based on their book ‘Making sense of Microaggressions’ (2021), Susan Cousins and Barry Diamond argue that:

“Microaggressions are forms of everyday oppression that tend to go unseen and unacknowledged. They contain subtle undertones and hidden messages that are both unintentional and deliberate”.

This one-hour session will provide resources to develop our cultural competency by learning how microaggressions occur, their impact and how to deal with them.