President’s Address 2013 ¦ Anerchiad Llywyddol 2013


The universities are the producers for, and guardians of, the future of the Nation.  The  universities are here to push back the frontiers of knowledge through research and scholarship by outstanding people of international standing.  It is a fact that having these people not only leads to new industrial starts but attracts high value industry which wants to be close to such a resource.  And then follows positive impact on the local – and, indeed – national economy. 

Sir John Cadogan delivered his third Presidential Address at the Annual General Meeting of the Learned Society of Wales on 22 May 2013. Click here for a copy of his speech.

Traddododd Syr John Cadogan ei trydydd Anerchiad Llywyddol yng Nghyfarfod Cyffredinol Blynyddol Cymdeithas Ddysgedig Cymru ar 22 Mai 2013. Cliciwch yma am gopi o’r araith.

To download a copy, click here ¦ I lawrlwytho copi, cliciwch yma