Timothy Green

Professor of Electrical Power Engineering, Imperial College London. Professor Green is a Professor of Electrical Power Engineering at Imperial College London. His research focus is on developing a cost-effective and highly reliable zero carbon electricity supply system that can accommodate variable renewable sources... Read More

Cathy Holt

Professor of Biomechanics and Orthopaedic Engineering, Cardiff University. Cathy Holt, Professor of Biomechanics and Orthopaedic Engineering, is Director of the Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Research Facility, Cardiff University, a member of the Royal Academy of Engineering Healthcare Technology Group, and past Chair... Read More

Sheila Hunt

Emeritus Professor / Personal and Leadership Coach, Sheila Hunt Coaching. Professor Hunt is an influential figure in the fields of clinical and academic healthcare in the UK. She has played a crucial role in developing clinicians and researchers in Wales and has encouraged and supported nursing and midwifery academi... Read More

Judith Hall

Executive Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, University of Namibia Read More

Omer Rana

Professor of Computer Science; Dean of International for the Physical Sciences & Engineering College, Cardiff University Read More

Layla Jader

Retired. Formerly Consultant in Public Health Genomics, Public Health Wales Layla graduated from Baghdad Medical School and commenced her postgraduate studies in UK from 1978 onwards. Her career spanned over 37 years in Welsh NHS and in academia before retiring in 2016. She became a clinical research fellow in cysti... Read More