William Housley

Chair in Sociology, Cardiff University Professor William Housley is an internationally recognised expert in qualitative and social research methods, sociological theory, ethnomethodology, membership categorization analysis, social interaction and digital sociology. His contribution to Sociology was confirmed through... Read More

Savyasaachi Jain

Reader, Journalism and Documentary, Cardiff University Dr Jain teaches future journalists to play meaningful roles in their societies, as well as leading an interdisciplinary project to develop the first Virtual Reality tool in the discipline that teaches creative decision making. He has obtained grants for projects... Read More

Wendy Larner

President and Vice-Chancellor, Cardiff University Professor Wendy Larner is a human geographer who is internationally recognised for her research on globalisation, governance and gender. She has held academic positions in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and visiting fellowships in Canada, the United States and G... Read More

Andrew Lewis

Professor of Composition, Bangor University Andrew Lewis is a composer and Professor of Composition. His music is concerned with the materiality of sound, and often uses technology in its realisation and performance. His output ranges from 'acousmatic' music (heard solely on multiple loudspeakers) to orchestral and ... Read More

Yvonne McDermott Rees

Professor of Law, Swansea University Professor McDermott Rees is the author of Fairness in International Criminal Trials (OUP, 2016) and Proving International Crimes (OUP, 2024). She is Principal Investigator (since 2022) on TRUE, a large interdisciplinary project selected for funding by the European Research Counci... Read More

Radhika Mohanram

Professor of Postcolonial Studies, Cardiff University Professor Mohanram is a leading postcolonial scholar, having written three monographs and edited five collections of essays on race, gender, and imperial rule, including SPAN, one of three major postcolonial studies journals in Australasia. The impact of the mono... Read More

Thomas O’Loughlin

Professor Emeritus of Historical Theology, University of Nottingham Professor O’Loughlin examines early and medieval texts, seeking to understand their religious world view. He explores those texts with the assumption that religion is always in flux within traditions, rather than being static or peripheral. He has... Read More

Roiyah Saltus

Professor of Sociology, University of South Wales Professor Saltus is a social scientist and researcher-activist working in the field of place-based health inequities, social determinants of health and health care, and policy and service innovation. Over the last 20 years, she has positioned herself at the interface... Read More

Iram Siraj

Professor of Child Development and Education, University of Oxford Professor Siraj was schooled in Cardiff and has held positions at the Universities of Warwick, UCL and Oxford. She has received £25m in research grants and authored 300 publications, mostly books and refereed papers. The 17-year EPPSE study has infl... Read More