Celebrating Mark Drakeford’s vision for a Celtic Academies Alliance

As Mark Drakeford announces his retirement as First Minister of Wales, we reflect on his legacy and in particular his support for the Learned Society of Wales (LSW) and the Celtic Academies Alliance (CAA).

Mark’s support for the CAA led to his direct involvement in discussions in Edinburgh, June 2023, with the LSW, the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) and the Royal Irish Academy. There, he highlighted his commitment to fostering research and policy development, not just in Wales but across the Celtic nations. His interest in the Alliance is a testament to his belief in the LSW to facilitate academic collaboration which, in turn, drives societal progress.

Olivia Harrison, Chief Executive of LSW, who accompanied the First Minister on the visit to the RSE, said: “The First Minister was keen to explore the RSE’s catchline ’knowledge made useful’. This is central to the mission of all three academies.

“As Wales’ National Academy, we support the use of excellent and diverse research and knowledge to solve the challenges faced in Wales and around the world.”

*The Celtic Academies Alliance, formed in 2021, unites the expertise of three academies to influence public policy in Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. The Alliance facilitates dialogue among researchers, policymakers, industry leaders, and cultural sectors, which enhances the understanding of issues facing the devolved nations, while contributing to a broader UK debate