First Minister Meets LSW and Partners to Discuss Celtic Academies Alliance

Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford MS took part in discussions about the growth of the Celtic Academies Alliance [CAA] at a meeting, hosted by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, with the Learned Society of Wales and the Royal Irish Academy.

The CAA was formed in 2021 and brings together the wide-ranging expertise within the three academies to inform public policy developments affecting Wales, Scotland and Ireland. It provides a forum for researchers, policymakers, industry, and the arts and cultural sectors to communicate and collaborate, while strengthening understanding at the UK level about issues facing the devolved nations.

The meeting in Edinburgh gave the First Minister a chance to meet leaders and Fellows of the academies and discuss the CAA’s work and future plans.

The LSW’s Chief Executive, Olivia Harrison, who attended together with the Society’s President, Professor Hywel Thomas, and Vice-President (HASS), Professor Helen Fulton, said:

“The First Minister was keen to explore the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s catchline ’knowledge made useful’. This is central to the mission of all three academies. We at the LSW have, for example, played an important role as a bridge between researchers and policy-makers through our recent innovation roundtables. These have helped inform Welsh Government’s emerging innovation strategy. “He also acknowledged that, between the Celtic Academies, we have long-standing links with research organisations in Europe and how, post-Brexit, it is essential for our research culture that these links are sustained.”