Welsh Crucible – LSW Research Prize

Following the successful model operated by the Royal Society of Edinburgh and Scottish Crucible, the LSW  contributes to the evaluation/selection of potential Welsh Crucible candidates.

In a new development this year, to celebrate the alumni network the Learned Society of Wales and Welsh Crucible announced a new dedicated ‘Welsh Crucible Prize’ that will be awarded to the best of completed research projects from 2011 – 2015.

The prize will include:

  • A Welsh Crucible/LSW trophy
  • A winner’s certificate
  • A cash prize of £250 per person (up to maximum of £2000) to be used to cover travel costs incurred by collaborative/networking activities.

Applications will be assessed by fellows of the LSW using the following criteria:

  • Innovation/originality in terms of interdisciplinary approach.
  • Rigour of the research design informing the project.
  • Significance of the findings in terms of academic knowledge and/or potential impact.

Winners of the prize will be announced mid-late June, with the winning collaborative group being invited to the evening dinner for Lab 3 in Swansea in July.