What we’re looking for

A Workshop is regarded by the Learned Society of Wales as the coming together of scholars at the early stage of planning and developing a collaborative research initiative.

Please note that these grants are intended to encourage and support a range of meetings and events to advance the exploration of the topic, and that a single event sharing completed or advanced research is not eligible under this scheme. For information about the Society’s event support grants, please see here.  

It is envisaged that each Workshop project will lead to the development of a network, or an outline of a concept for grant project proposal in the area explored in order to provide tangible results that will be of value to the academic community and the wider public.  

The key principles of the funding scheme are:  

  • collaborative and interdisciplinary research  
  • working with external partners to co-produce research outcomes and generate knowledge exchange 
  • relevance in the Welsh context 
  • consideration of and contribution to the seven wellbeing goals of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act 

Assessors will also check value for money, that is, are the resources requested appropriate and reasonable.