Who can apply

Proposals must involve two or more organisations.  

Lead Applicants will be either: 

  • a full or part-time academic employed by a Higher Education Institution in Wales;
  • a full or part-time practitioner or research-active member of staff in the public or third sector with a demonstrable commitment to teaching and research within said institution.

Lead Applicants can be on a temporary or a permanent contract at their employing institution. 

The project team may also include: 

  • other academic researchers from any discipline,
  •  researchers outside academia,
  •  members of the public or public-facing groups.  

Proposals will be assessed by a panel of Society Fellows and staff, who will come to a consensus in deciding which proposals are successful. Applicants may be asked for more information before a grant is confirmed as successful. 

Funding Details

Proposals can include fully justified direct costs incurred in delivering the project. 

This may include, for example: 

  • staff resources (including administration and coordination, contributions to salaries (where a named individual will undertake work that would not be considered part of their normal duties), sub-contracting of services, or enabling public or community partners to take part)  
  • non-staff resources (including cost of materials, travel and subsistence, meetings and events, consumables, materials and equipment, and evaluation costs) 
  • the funding of expenses, an honorarium for time, childcare and other costs to allow for participation of those outside of academia such, as public communities, and training to build the capacity of these groups to take a confident and active role in the workshop and research activities. 

This call is funded outside of full economic costing rules. 

Grants may be topped up by the awardee’s institution and the partner organisations.  

Costs not covered 

The budget and costings must be based on valid estimates. Funding will not be provided for: 

  • estates and indirect costs 
  • fees or honoraria to people already in paid employment to deliver activities 
  • where such activities would reasonably be undertaken as part of their normal duties 
  • retrospective funding, including those projects with a start date after the closing date but before the funding decisions are announced 
  • infrastructure or building costs 
  • expenses incurred submitting the proposal 
  • academic courses such as Master’s degrees or PhDs, and other tuition fees. 

The Society reserves the right not to fund up to the limit allocated to the call and to make changes to the budgetary limits of the successful grants. 

The process to provide these grants will be as follows:  

  1. A purchase order will be raised, and a purchase order number will be shared.  
  2. The grant will be paid by invoice (which must include the purchase order number, site address, Learned Society of Wales’s address and a unique invoice number)