Wales Studies Network launch: 29.01.20

The launch of the Wales Studies Network in Cardiff on 29th January 2020 shows that Wales’ future as an outward-looking nation can be built on the strength of research in the growing field of Wales Studies.

Lord Dafydd Elis Thomas, Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, addressed the launch of the Learned Society of Wales’ Network and Wales Studies research snapshot, at the Norwegian Church, Cardiff Bay.

“We believe that Wales’ international profile can be strengthened through innovative research that explores Wales’ relationship with the world,” said Dr. Sarah Morse, Senior Executive Officer of the Learned Society of Wales.

“Our research snapshot captures the breadth of that research.

“This work is forward-looking and outward-looking.

“The Wales Studies Network aims to strengthen understanding of what makes Wales distinct. The self-awareness and self-confidence that comes from this will help Wales maintain an international profile as a self-aware and self-confident nation.

“This will be especially important as the UK leaves the EU.”

The snapshot is inspired by the approach of the Well-being of Future Generations Act and reflects upon the areas needed to develop Wales as a sustainable and dynamic nation. It profiles forty areas of Wales Studies research emerging from institutions, organisations and universities across Wales, including:

• the cross-university FLEXIS (Flexible Integrated Energy Systems) programme

• the CHERISH project which explores the impacts of climate change on the cultural heritage of the Irish Sea basin;

• work on ‘Welsh Plains’, a coarse fabric produced to clothe enslaved Caribbean plantation workers;

• research into how artists can be trained to work in healthcare settings;

• the impact of the Cardiff Model for Violence Reduction;

• efforts being made to revitalise regional and minority languages.