Wales and the World – Times Higher Publication

Wales operates in a competitive global environment where international awareness and recognition of its research excellence and innovation is often less well known.

On the 14th September 2017 the Times Higher Education (THE) printed and distributed a dedicated supplement by the Learned Society of Wales highlighting the extent of Wales’s international academic and research connections alongside a selective overview of Wales’s rich ecosystem of current and emerging educational, research, innovation and business activities.

On Wednesday 27th September, the Cabinet Secretary for Education Kirsty Williams will launch the Supplement at the Pierhead Building in Cardiff Bay at 12.00. 

Please click here to view Wales and the World: Times Higher Publication – Online PDF.

Similar publications

As part of its mission to better promote the advancement of learning and results of academic research from Wales, the Learned Society of Wales has, over the past 2 years, commissioned and published a number of evidence-based projects designed to promote and market Wales’s  intellectual, cultural and innovative capital.

In 2016, the Society commissioned one of world’s pre-eminent scientific journals Science to produce a featured review article which offered a unique and independent profile of Wales’s scientific landscape by showcasing some of the ground-breaking research that Wales has to offer across a range of academic disciplines. Science is one of the foremost scientific journals in the world, with an international readership of over 570,000 readers each week and an online site that receives over 5.6 million visits from across the globe. The open access article was published in October 2016 and is available here.

In 2017, The Society commissioned the King’s College London Policy Unit to carry out a detailed analysis of Wales’s REF Impact submission in 2014. This authoritative report provides an in-depth insight into the different types of research impacts arising from Wales’s universities and demonstrating the range of benefits to the economy, society, culture, policy, health, the environment and quality of life, within Wales, the UK and internationally. The report is available here.