‘Pandemics and More: Learning from Crises’

4.00pm – 5.30pm, 19th October

How we can learn from history to emerge stronger from our current period of crisis is the subject of a Learned Society of Wales lecture event, featuring Professor Margaret MacMillan.

Professor MacMillan, Professor of History at Oxford University and Honorary Fellow of the LSW, will explore lessons learnt from past crises, both in her lecture and in conversation with fellow historian, Professor Sir Richard Evans.

The reputation and profile of both historians ensures this event will offer important ideas for societies attempting to emerge from the current pandemic.

The event is online, free and open to all.

Professor MacMillan has written about how crises expose weaknesses and failings in society. At the same time, they can encourage fresh ways of thinking and demonstrate the benefits of strong leadership, mutual support and well-resourced civic institutions.

Her lecture will be followed by a conversation with Professor Evans, whose work on Germany, has explored a society in crisis at various points in its history