News from Our Fellows: June 2023

Professor Mererid Hopwood will be presented to the Gorsedd Board at this year’s Eisteddfod for the position of Archdruid, 2024-27. She will be the second woman Archdruid after Professor Christine James FLSW.

Professor Menna Elfyn will take part in the Ledbury Poetry Festival on 2 July, following which her latest volume, Cellängel, will be launched in Sweden, with a new Swedish translation by distinguished poet Marie Tonkin.

Professor Stuart Taylor has won the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Environment Prize for his pioneering work to create catalysts that help the environment, including processes that purify contaminated air.

Professor David Wyn Jones‘s The Strauss Dynasty and Habsburg Vienna has been published by CUP. It explores how the family was at the centre of Habsburg Viennese society for over a century of music-making.

Professor Michael Levi recently received the European Criminology Award. He is the only person to receive lifetime awards for research scholarship from the American, British and European Societies of Criminology.

We are sorry to report the recent death of two of our Fellows. Professor Mike Bruford, who died in April, used his study of conservation genetics to protect biodiversity loss, becoming Cardiff University’s first Dean for Environmental Sustainability. Meanwhile, we have received the news that Professor Alan Bull has died, aged 87, after a 60-year career in bacteriology and mycology.