LSW Medals 2024: Help us celebrate the best of Welsh research 

The search for our 2024 medallists is on… and you can play a full part in who receives this year’s medals. 

Every year, the Learned Society of Wales awards medals to recognise those people from Wales who are carrying out ground-breaking research

There are medals for the arts and humanities, social sciences, science, maths and engineering.

Medallists can be working in universities, but they can also come from the worlds of medicine, or technology or business, in fact from any walk of life. Our medallists need not be existing Fellows of the LSW and can come from the public or the private sector, from industry or from education. 

All that matters is that they have a link with Wales and demonstrate how research from Wales is thriving, innovative and delivering outcomes that benefit wider society. 

Can you think of someone who deserves one of our medals but aren’t sure what to do next? 

The process is a simple one, and we will help you each step of the way. All you need to do is drop us a quick email, asking for further information and perhaps letting us know who you have in mind. 

So, don’t wait but drop us a quick email and nominate someone now. 

We award the following medals: 

Nominations close on 30 June 2024