Election of new Fellows 2011

The Inaugural Election Cycle 2010/11

One of the most important steps taken by the Society during 2010/11 was to conduct its Inaugural Election of new Fellows, to supplement the impressive list of Founding Fellows.

Election to Fellowship of the Learned Society of Wales is via nomination by existing Fellows.  It is open to men and women of all ages and from all ethnic groups:

·       who have a demonstrable record of excellence and achievement in any of the academic disciplines or who, being members of the professions, the arts, industry, commerce or public service, have made a distinguished contribution to the world of learning; and

·       who are resident in Wales, or who are persons of Welsh birth but are resident elsewhere, or who otherwise have a particular connection with Wales.

This focus on excellence and achievement ensures that the Society’s Fellowship represents the very best of which Wales is currently capable in the major academic disciplines.

The nominations submitted during 2010/11 were considered in the first instance by two Scrutiny Committees, one with responsibility for the broad area of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, and the other with responsibility for the broad area of Science, Technology and Medicine.  On the basis of the advice from these committees, the Council drew up its approved list of candidates, which was then submitted to the Fellowship for confirmation and formal election.  In all, 119 new Fellows were elected in April 2011, so that the total number of Fellows at that time stood at 177.  The Society has been strengthened considerably by this first election.  The new Fellows are listed on the pages that follow.

 The Inaugural Election is the first in a rolling process towards the building of a strong, representative Fellowship and it is envisaged that that process will take three years or more.


Our Fellowship will grow by election judged by peer review. To be elected will be a target for our young scholars. 

Sir John Cadogan

Inaugural Presidential Address, 25 May 2010




A full list of successful candidates is here: New Fellows 2011.