The Society at the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol

This year’s national Eisteddfod is taking place 3-10 August. The Maes this year is Llanrwst in Conwy County.

The Society is hosting and supporting events throughout the Eisteddfod, which you can read about below. A number of our Fellows are also getting involved with the Eisteddfod in various ways, which are outlined below.

Learned Society of Wales at the Eisteddfod

Fellows’ Reception 

We will be hosting a reception at the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol stand between 12:30pm and 1:30pm on 7 August, and look forward to Fellows joining us there.

‘Ar ymyl y gofod’: Darlith Cymdeithas Ddysgedig Cymru

2:30pm 7 August – Societies 2

The Society is hosting a lecture at the Eisteddfod this year with Yr Athro Eleri Pryse FLSW.

‘Y Gyfraith yn ein Llên / The Law in our Literature’: Yr Athro R. Gwynedd Parry FLSW

2:00pm 8 August – Societies 1,

We are also supporting a University of Wales Press lecture at this year’s Eisteddfod

Fellows at the Eisteddfod

5 August

Understanding our history – Teaching Welsh history and culture

11:30, Societies 2

How can we ensure children in Wales have a sense of the history of their community and country?
Join the National Assembly’s Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee panel discussion, which will explore whether the Welsh Government’s new curriculum will deliver the outcomes needed to achieve this aim. The discussion panel includes Professor Huw Pryce FLSW.

Water and Structures of Life

12:30pm Societies 2

Speaker: Prof. Deri Tomos FLSW, formerly of Bangor University. Chair: Prof. Prys Morgan FLSW, President of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion Sir Thomas Parry-Williams Annual Memorial Lecture (Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion Eisteddfod Lecture)

Emyr Humphreys at 100

12.45pm Literary Pavilion

Professor M Wynn Thomas, the current incumbent of the Emyr Humphreys Chair in Anglo Welsh Literature discusses his life and work.

‘Thomas Charles, Mary Jones a Chymdeithas y Beibl’

2:00pm Pabell Cytûn

6 August

Lady Ruth Herbert Lewis Memorial Prize

10:30am Societies 2

Cyflwyniad byr i fywyd a gwaith y Fonesig Ruth Herbert Lewis gan yr Athro E. Wyn James, yn rhan o lansiad cyfrol ar hanes Gwobr Goffa’r Fonesig Ruth Herbert Lewis dan olygyddiaeth Dr Prydwen Elfed-Owens.

What is the most important scientific development of the last century?

2:30pm Societies 2

Four leading scientists – Dr Awen Iorwerth, Dr Daniel Roberts, Carwyn Edwards and Professor Sharon Huws are given ten minutes to try and convince the audience that they’re right! The audience will vote for their favourite development at the end. The Eilir Hedd Memorial Lecture, chaired by Professor Deri Tomos FLSW. Science and Technology session

7 August

Doctors of the Soul: Psychoanalysis in Welsh, 1920-1970

11.00am Societies 1

Dr Llion Wigley in conversation with Prof Daniel G Williams FLSW

Annus Mirabilis Iolo Morgannwg

11.00am, Literary Pavilion

Geraint H Jenkins FLSW delivers this year’s Literary Lecture, looking at the life and times of Iolo Morganwg

‘Paul a’i Ddehonglwyr Cymreig’

2:00yp Pabell Cytûn

A lecture by Y Parchedig Athro John Tudno Williams FLSW

Discovering Old Welsh Houses

3:00pm Societies 1

Rhys Mwyn delivers the Cambrian Archaeological Association lecture, chaired by Professor Prys Morgan FLSW

8 August

Was there ever an architect in our midst?

12:30pm Societies 2

A review of Welsh nationalism since 1925. Speaker: Dr Robin Chapman FLSW.  Chair: Dr Dafydd Wiliams (Society Chair). Session organised by the Plaid Cymru History Society 

‘Gwyddonwyr Cymru – ddoe a heddiw’

4:00pm, at the ShowDome Science and Technology Village

Discussion session with Hywel Madog Jones, Iwan Rhys Morus FLSW, Gareth Ffowc Roberts FLSW, Paula Roberts, Elin Rhys and Rowland Wynne

Cambria, Knoxville – and Llanrwst!

4:30pm Societies 2

The annual Cardiff Centre for Welsh American Studies lecture with Professors E Wyn James FLSW and Bill Jones

9 August

What does ‘Welsh Internationalism’ mean in 2019?

4:00pm Societies 2

A event organised by Planet Magazine: the Welsh Internationalist – What does ‘Welsh inter-nationalism’ mean in 2019? Speakers: Mererid Hopwood FLSW and Elin Royles