Constitution Commission identifies opportunities for Wales

Democratic innovation, strengthened inter-governmental relations, and the need to debate whether enhanced devolution or independence suits Wales best are among the recommendations in a final report from the Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales launched today. 

The Commission, which was led by two Fellows of the Learned Society of Wales, Professor Laura McAllister and Dr Rowan Williams, was tasked with holding a national conversation on Wales’s constitution. 

The Commission’s interim report concluded that, while devolution was a major step forward for Welsh democracy, ‘the ability of the people of Wales, and their elected representatives, to determine how they should be governed is severely constrained.’ 

Now, in this final report which draws upon a wide consultation, it concludes it is not possible ‘to identify a single ‘solution’ to the governance of Wales. The judgement on what is best for Wales depends on values and choices. The greater the degree of change, the greater the opportunities and risks.’

Fiona Dakin, the LSW’s Policy and Public Affairs Manager said: “This is an important report prompting a national conversation.  

“The LSW’s strategy commits us to contributing to major policy solutions by providing independent advice.

“We’re pleased to see our comments on the importance of well-managed inter-governmental relations and a robust financial settlement for Wales are reflected in the report.

“The focus on the need for civic and political education also overlaps with much of the LSW’s work.

“We shall study the report closely to see what implications it has for higher education policy.”