Wales Studies Network

The aim of this project is to bring together existing organisations and networks who share the strongly held belief that a vibrant and successful development of Wales Studies has much to offer Wales, inspire its people and contribute to delivering the well being goals of the Future Generations (Wales) Act.

The Wales Studies Network works to capture and coordinate research, scholarship and engagement within the field of Wales Studies, and is developing opportunities to promote and share these activities with a wider audience.

An open access journal is in development.

Coordinated by the Learned Society of Wales, the Steering Group of the Network features representatives from universities and research centres, the national museum, the national library, heritage and cultural organisations, library and museum networks, and publishers


In close partnership with other interested organisations and individuals, the Learned Society of Wales is committed to fostering a strong, vibrant institutional infrastructure to support, celebrate and promote Wales Studies in all of its intellectual, scientific, cultural, social and economic manifestations.

We recognise the importance to Wales Studies of research, scholarship, education, publishing, performance and media, through all of which the Learned Society seeks to build awareness of the invaluable contribution made by the study of Wales to academia and civil society.

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