LSW Welsh Studies Programme of Action

Phase One (2014-2015):

Having resolved to address this crisis, the Learned Society took the following series of steps over the 2014-2015 Academic Year.

  • Consultation with HEFCW about existing and future plans in this area.
  • Convening of a working party to make arrangements for a special Welsh Studies summit at Gregynog.
  • Convening of a Welsh Studies at Gregynog.
  • Organization of submissions to the Diamond Review on the future of Higher Education in Wales.
  • Earmarking of a sum of £10k to enable further actions, as listed under Phase Two below.

Phase Two (2015-2016)

  • Reliable on-line mapping of existing research and teaching activity across the Welsh HE sector in all areas and disciplines relating to the Study of Wales.
  • Creation of an on-line network of academics at work in the above areas.
  • Creation of an interdisciplinary website to enable the interchange of and to provide a forum for exchange of views and information.
  • Laying of foundations for an inter-disciplinary Association for the Study of Wales.
  • Submission of evidence about the current state of affairs to those in all political parties responsible for drafting the manifestos for the forthcoming Welsh National Assembly elections.
  • Support of a major NAASWCH Welsh Studies conference at Harvard (summer of 2016) to showcase research across a wide range of disciplines.
  • Facilitate the creation of a cross-party group of National Assembly members to encourage and monitor developments in Welsh Studies across the HE sector.

LSW has appointed Dr Kieron Smith as Project Officer to progress some of the above initiatives. He may be contacted at studyofwales[a]