How We’re Electing Fellows from Industry, Commerce, The Arts and Professions

People from industry, commerce, the arts and professions make up a growing proportion of the Society’s Fellowship.

They broaden our impact and reflect the strength and diversity of Wales’ civic life.

Up to now, they have been categorised under the title of ‘General & Public Service’, with nominations considered by the ‘C1’ committee. This under-played the expertise and range of backgrounds these Fellows bring.

A working group of the Society’s Fellowship Committee, lead by Dr. Sally Davies, reviewed the ‘C1: General & Public Service’ category. It recommended restructuring and renaming the category as Industry, Commerce, The Arts and Professions [ICAP].

The changes in detail

The remit of the working group was to review all aspects of the former ‘C1’ category, from its name to the nomination paperwork to the scrutiny committee that assesses nominations.

The group made several recommendations, all approved by both the Fellowship Committee and Council:

  • ‘C1: General & Public Service’ is replaced by ‘Industry, Commerce, The Arts and Professions [ICAP]’.
  • Two scrutiny committees will assess nominations to the category:
    • Leadership in Public Engagement and Understanding [ICAP1]
    • Leadership in Professional, Educational and Public Sector [ICAP2]
  • The scrutiny committees will be chaired in the first instance (2022/23 only) by the Vice-Presidents with a membership drawn from Fellows previously elected under C1 (expressions of interest will be sought soon).
  • There is a separate nomination pack for ICAP.
  • There will be no cross-referring of nominations wrongly submitted.

You will find the 2022/23 nomination guidance and forms on our website at Nomination Forms – The Learned Society of Wales.

If you have any questions or would like advice on making a nomination please do contact Fiona Gaskell.