Scientifically, all types of energy are equal but politically some types are more equal than others. The production and consumption of energy are fundamental to the social, economic and political lives of most countries. The problems of energy are sources of inspired and grand technologies, massive commercial enterprises, bitter international quarrels, magisterial rhetorics, passionate beliefs, and wishful thinking.

The Society will organise events and activities to explore the complex and important subject of energy from a variety of standpoints, confronting speculation and belief with academic rigour and evidence.

The Society welcomes enquiries from individuals and organisations proposing contributions, such as lectures, symposia and other events and activities, to the Energy Theme.


The previous Energy lectures organised by the Learned Society of Wales include :

‘Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air’ by Professor David MacKay (Cambridge University, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Department of Energy and Climate Change), on 31 March 2011 in Cardiff