About the History of Science and Technology

One of the key strands of Wales Studies that the Society has been developing since its foundation in 2010, was a programme of activities designed to stimulate and promote research and education on Wales’s scientific and technological history.

With this in mind the Society has organised and supported a series of events and a number of long-term projects, including a University of Wales Press series of books, The Scientists of Wales, and the Welsh network, Myrddin, for people to share information and ideas.

An acquaintance and appreciation of the scientific and technological history of Wales, locally and globally enriches the understanding of the contemporary world, and is of practical use to scientists, engineers, historians, school teachers, policy advisors and law makers. The importance of science and technology in contemporary life is well recognised and continues to play a prominent role in discussions and policies directed at the economy and the education of the young.

The aim of this particular project is to develop  historical research and scholarship further by unearthing and communicating experiences, generating resources, facilitating connections and highlighting achievements, with a view to being a significant stand of Wales Studies integrated into national and local histories, curriculum.

Celebrate Wales’ history of scientific achievement – Western Mail article 20 April 2017