Menelaus Medal 2016

Professor Hagan Bayley FLSW FRS  is the fourth recipient of the Society’s Menelaus Medal.

The Medal, sponsored by the South Wales Institute of Engineers Educational Trust (SWIEET2007), is awarded for “excellence in any field of engineering and technology to an academic, to an industrial researcher, or to an industrial practitioner who is resident in Wales, or who is of Welsh birth but is resident elsewhere, or who otherwise has a particular connection with Wales”.

Professor Bayley  is Professor of Chemical Biology at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of the Learned Society and the Royal Society. He has a world-wide reputation as the originator and leading figure in the area of developing nanopores which are capable of detecting a single molecule of any chosen variety. Professor Bayley has moved his research into the area of the use of 3D-printers using droplets which resemble biological cells. In the future this could lead to the synthesis of biological organs. In 2014, he founded OxSyBio to build synthetic tissues for regenerative medicine.

Professor Bayley said

I am absolutely delighted to have been awarded the Menelaus Medal of the Learned Society of Wales. William Menelaus was a practical person, but were he alive today I think he would appreciate the business opportunities that so often arise from fundamental research as they have done for me.