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Fellows at the Eisteddfod, 2022

Saturday 30 July - Friday 5 August
Fellows at the Eisteddfod 2022

A large number of our Fellows will be contributing to this year’s Eisteddfod:

Saturday 30th July

Gwyddoniaeth a Thechnoleg

13:00: Who was Emily Wood – Dr. Goronwy Wynne | More

Sunday 31 July

Y Babell Len

11.15: Remembering Tedi Millward – Professor Bleddyn Owen Huws | More

14.15: Feminisam and poetry – Professor Menna Elfyn | More

Monday 1st August

Cymdeithasau 1

10.00: Llafur Oes: A Repertory of Welsh Manuscripts and Scribes – Daniel Huws et al | More


Y Babell Len

11.15:The Humour of Three Ceredigion Litererature Lovers – Professor Geraint H Jenkins | More


Cymdeithasau 1

14:00: From Rude and Ignorant People to Official Status: The Right to Speak Welsh in the 21st Century – Professor Emyr Lewis | More

Tuesday 2nd August

Y Babell Len

10.00: Mered, the Joyful Man – Professor Geraint H Jenkins | More

11.15: Henry Lewis and Saunders Lewis – Professor Prys Morgan | More


Cymdeithasau 1

13:00: From Tregaron to the United States: Slavery, the Civil War and the Emigrants’ Letters – Professor E. Wyn James and Professor Bill Jones | More

14:00: Sir Thomas Parry-Williams Memorial Lecture – Dylan Thomas and W. D. Davies: Poetry and Theology after the Holocaust – Professor Daniel Williams | More

Wednesday 3rd August

Y Babell Len

10.00: The Poetry of Strata Florida – Professor Dafydd Johnston | More


Cymdeithasau 2

11.30: Welsh Place Names- Professor Dylan Foster EvansMore

13.30: Poetry and Piety – Professor Rowan Williams | More


Cymdeithasau 1

15:00: The Constitutional Future of Wales – Professor Rowan Williams | More


Llwyfan y Llannerch

15.15: Elinor Wyn Reynolds chats to Professor Menna Elfyn about her latest volume


Cymdeithasau 2

16.30: Strata Florida: Its History and Meaning for Wales – Andrew Green | More


Cymdeithasau 1

17:00: Peace and the Climate Crisis – Professor Mererid Hopwood et al | More

Thursday 4th August

Y Babell Len

10.00: The Influence of University of Wales Press – Professor Daniel Williams, et al | More


Cymdeithasau 2

10.30: Imaging Peace: Human Rights and Disarmament – Professor Mererid Hopwood | More

11.30: Book Launch – Mae’r Beibl on tu – Professor Jerry Hunter and Gareth Evans-Jones | More

12.30: Kitchener Davies: From Tregaron to Trealaw – Professor M Wynn Thomas | More

15.30: Why does Labour Keep Winning in Wales – Professor Richard Wyn Jones | More


Y Babell Len

16.30: How do poets imagine language and what does it matter – Professor Mererid Hopwood | More


Cymdeithasau 1

17.00: Learned Society of Wales Lecture: A Fresh Look at Strata Florida – Professor Dafydd Johnston | More

Friday 5th August

Cymdeithasau 1

10.00: Welsh Folk Tales, Yesterday and Today – Professor Robin Gwyndaf, Professor Sioned Davies | More



12.30: Williams Pantycelyn and the Llangeitho Fire – Professor E. Wyn James | More


Cymdeithasau 1

15.00: 100 years of Welsh Labour – Professor Richard Wyn Jones and Mark Drakeford | More

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Saturday 30 July
Friday 5 August