About the series

As Wales’s national academy, the Learned Society of Wales has  a strategic leadership role to grow Wales’s international presence and impact.  With this in mind the Society early on planned a series of high level symposia/ conferences meetings that addressed international relevant policy issues for Wales and the world.

The Society’s Council approved proposals for the development an International Symposia / conference series intended to enable topics of importance to be discussed in depth by distinguished, high profile speakers and contributors – people of international renown with intellectual and experiential authority – drawn from around the world.

The initiative demonstrates the Society’s commitment to advancing learning and knowledge and to promoting and contributing to economic, environmental, cultural and social development, by facilitating interaction on, and high-level discussion of, policy issues of national and international importance (including the economy, global security.

Each symposium and or meeting targets specific policy questions or challenges and addresses these by securing the views of experts in the fields of policy, public administration – both national and international – academia, civil society, and business and industry, to draw operational or analytical conclusions and possible solutions.

All Symposium and meetings are planned and organized in partnership with other appropriate organizations.