Mission and Strategy

The mission of the Society is to promote excellence and scholarship, inspire learning and benefit the nation.

Our 2018-2023 Strategy sets out how we will deliver our mission during this period.

By 2023, we want the Society to be:

  • More diverse – harnessing knowledge from a wider range of people
  • More effective – making stronger use of expertise and measuring our impact
  • Broader in scope – reaching new audiences with our activities

To achieve this, we will:

Champion research
Deliver high-quality events, celebrate excellence, and offer platforms for early-career researchers.

Contribute expertise
Coordinate expert responses to consultations, support evidence-based policy making, and harness our expertise to lead conversations key areas.

Promote learning and debate
Communicate our Fellows’ achievements, support schools and colleges, and develop public discussion of important issues.

Develop the Fellowship
Increase Fellows’ involvement in our work, elect a wider range of Fellows, and work with organisations that promote diversity.

Download the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan

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