ECR Webinar: Inclusive Collaborative Research

20 Mar, 2024:

10:00 am -

20 Mar, 2024:

11:30 am

The session will explore how researchers can bring inclusive practices into their own research and the potential barriers researchers might face when approaching and engaging with communities outside of academia. Attendees will be invited to reflect on their hopes and fears when trying to establish collaborations with communities and consider the implications of these at the different stages of the engagement process. Topics discussed by the speakers will also include the benefits of promoting place-based and co-produced research, the pitfalls of integrating this type of methodologies, and recommendations to navigate these difficulties.

Case studies discussed at the webinar include the ACTIF (Active, Connected, Engaged) study run by Cardiff Metropolitan University, the impact-driven research supported by the Local Challenges Research Office at Swansea University, and the LSW-funded project on Inclusive Cycling in Wales led at Cardiff University.

Read the full abstracts and speakers’ biographies here. 

Guest Speakers:

  • Dr Jennifer Wolowic, Principal Lead at the Dialogue Centre at Aberystwyth University
  • Dr Tom Avery, Local Challenges Research Office at Swansea University
  • Professor Sin Yi Cheung (FLSW), Professor of Sociology and Co-Director of Research in the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University
  • Dr Sofia Vougioukalou, Research Fellow, Centre for Adult Social Care Research, Cardiff University
  • Dr Zsofia Szekeres, Networking Co-lead at the Centre for Health, Activity and Wellbeing Research (CAWR), Research Associate, Cardiff Metropolitan University.

The session will be chaired by Professor Rick Delbridge (FLSW), Professor of Organizational Analysis at Cardiff Business School and co-convenor of the Centre for Innovation Policy Research.

This workshop will be held in English only