Science in Wales

The higher education sector in Wales has received a major boost with the publication of a feature article in the world’s pre-eminent scientific journal, profiling the scientific landscape in Wales.

The article, which was recently published in the hugely influential Science journal, provides a unique opportunity to showcase on a global scale a selection of what Wales has to offer in the field of science, while placing the spotlight firmly on the Welsh Government’s scientific agenda and the central role that Welsh universities play in this ambitious strategy.

The importance of the feature in raising the profile of Welsh universities and the nation’s scientific sector cannot be overstated. Science is one of the foremost scientific journals in the world, and with some 700,000 readers and over 10 million people having access to its online version across the globe, the exposure gained by such a feature could prove invaluable. The journal typically only features three to four specific geographical areas every year and the article will be the first published on one of the devolved regions of the UK.

The article is available to view online by clicking here: SCIENCE IN WALES