The Wales Martial Arts Researcher-Practitioner Network

Dr. George Jennings, Senior Lecturer in Sport Sociology, Cardiff Met University received £1000 as part of our Research Workshop Grant Scheme to help establish a Wales Martial Arts Researcher-Practitioner Network.

Our Research Workshop Grant Scheme provides grants of up to £1000 to run workshops that bring together researchers at the early stage of planning and developing a collaborative research project.

One of the projects to receive funding in Autumn 2022 was around the development of a Wales Martial Arts Research-Practitioner Network.

What is the project about?

To explore Welsh cultural heritage through the context of its martial heritage, bringing together the newly established field of Martial Arts Studies with Wales Studies.

The link with Wales Studies

Wales has many world-leading martial arts scholars, who explore local migrant community experiences, rapid weight loss practices, and also re-enactment groups connected with Wales’ castles.

How the grant will be used

  • Establish the Wales Martial Arts Scholar-Practitioner Network.
  • Share research ideas around martial arts, Wales and Welshness.
  • Plan written project.

Project lead

George Jennings, Senior Lecturer in Sport Sociology, Cardiff Met University

Project contributors

Dr. David Brown (Cardiff Metropolitan University): co-host of the network launch and planning workshop

Professor Paul Bowman (Cardiff University) and PhD students: advice on the network and guest speaker on martial arts studies

Dr. Sara Delamont, Dr. Clive Wood and Prof Paul Atkinson (Cardiff University, emeritus): advice on the network and guest speaker on local martial arts instructors and their communities

Dr. Zoe John (Swansea University): ideas around Welshness, gender and managing violence in the martial arts

Lyn Jehu (University of South Wales): history of martial arts in Wales and connections with other cultures

Christian Farrell (PhD student, Cardiff Metropolitan University): Martial arts and the Future Generations Act

Jungjoo Yun (PhD student, Cardiff Metropolitan University): Migrants and refugees settling into Wales through the martial arts