Scrutiny Committee Vacancies: August 2020

We currently have the following vacancies on our scrutiny committees.

If you are interested in joining any of them, please get in touch with Amanda Kirk.

Science, Technology and Medicine Committees

A1: Medicine and Medical Sciences: 2 vacancies

A2: Cellular, Molecular, Evolutionary, Organismal and Ecosystem Sciences: 1 vacancy

A3: Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy and Earth Sciences: 3 vacancies

A4: Computing, Mathematics and Statistics: 1 vacancy

A5: Engineering: 1 vacancy

Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Committees

B1: Language, Literature and the History and Theory of the Creative and Performing Arts: 1 vacancy

B2: History, Philosophy and Theology: 3 vacancies

B3: Economic and Social Sciences, Education and Law: 1 vacancy

Business, Public Service and Public Engagement

C1 Committee: 0 vacancies