B3 Economic and Social Sciences, Education and Law

Accountancy studies
Anthropology, Sociology and Social Studies
Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Business Studies & Management Studies
Commercial Law
Comparative Law
Criminal Law
Economic, Human and Social Geography
Economics and Econometrics
Education Research and Policy
European Law
Human Rights
Information Technology: Law and Practice
International Law
Legal History
Legal Practice and Administration of Justice
Planning and Urban Design
Political Science and International Relations
Private Law
Public Law
Socio-legal Studies & Criminology
Other Disciplines

B3 Committee Members
Chair: Professor Gareth Rees (WISERD, Cardiff University)
Professor David Blackaby (Swansea)
Professor Emeritus Anne Edwards
Professor Maria Goddard (York)
Professor Kelvyn Jones (Bristol)
Professor Sally Power (Cardiff)
Professor Roger Awan-Scully (Cardiff)