Nomination Process

The election of new Fellows is a rigorous process. Nominations are proposed, and seconded, by existing Fellows of the Society. The nomination papers of each candidate are considered by a relevant scrutiny committee.

Overview of the Process and Timetable

Proposers and Candidates are asked to read the guidance provided before making a nomination. Full details of the nomination process and steps to follow can be found here. Please direct any questions to Fiona Gaskell (

The candidate must be nominated by TWO Fellows: a Lead Proposer and a Seconding Proposer. Self-nomination is not permitted. A list of current Fellows is available here.

Fellows are permitted to act as the Lead Proposer for three NEW candidates only each election cycle. However, the nomination of candidates from under-represented groups are exempt from this restriction. Please see the Society’s page on Gender Balance in the Society.

The deadline for nominations and all supporting paperwork, with relevant signatures, is 31 October 2019.   All nomination forms must be returned within the deadline with relevant signatures:

  • Nomination Form – fully completed and signed (by Lead Proposer) and seconded by the Seconding Proposer;
  • Summary Curriculum Vitae – fully completed in support of the nomination;
  • Confidential Named Informed Supporter’s Report – signed and evaluating the electability of the candidate on the basis of the summary CV, the proposer’s response to the Candidate’s statement of excellence and the LSW criteria and benchmarks; and;
  • A confidential declaration of individual circumstances if appropriate;
  • A PDF copy of the candidate’s full CV including a full list of publications/outputs.

Each nomination is considered by a Scrutiny Committee of Fellows with expertise in the relevant area. The Committee Chairs, together with the Vice-Presidents, draw up a shortlist of candidates.

The new Fellows elected each year are announced in April. Fellows are formally admitted at the Society’s AGM in May each year.

If a candidate is not successful in the year they are first nominated, they may be considered for a second and, if necessary, a third year. New nominations are required for these subsequent years.

Nomination Process Timetable:

  • Thursday 31 October 2019 Closing date for submission of completed nomination forms
  • November – December 2019 Consideration of nominations by Assessors
  • January – February 2020 Scrutiny Committees evaluate nominations
  • Mid-February 2020 Scrutiny Committee Chairs review shortlists with Vice-Presidents
  • 18 March 2020 Special meeting of Council to agree its approved list of Candidates
  • 1 April 2020 Ballot papers to be circulated to Fellows
  • 22 April 2020 Deadline for return of ballot papers; papers opened and votes counted
  • 23 April 2020 Letters sent to successful Candidates, advising them that they have been elected and inviting them to attend the AGM. Letters sent to the Lead Proposers of unsuccessful candidates to notify them of the result.
  • 27 April 2020 Results of election announced publicly
  • 20 May 2020 Annual General Meeting – welcome and formal admission of those newly-elected Fellows able to attend