Nomination Forms

Only Fellows are welcome to submit nominations of persons who fulfil the Society’s criteria for election, as set out in the Guidelines.

Honorary Fellowship

Please note that the closing date for the submission of nomination forms is Monday, 03 October 2016.

Election Timetable 2016/17

  • Monday 03 October 2016 Closing date for submission of completed nomination forms
  • November – December 2016 Consideration of nominations by Assessors
  • January – February 2017 Meetings of Scrutiny Committees
  • Mid-February 2017 Meetings of Scrutiny Committee Chairs with Vice-Presidents
  • Wednesday 22 March 2017 Special meeting of Council to agree its approved list of Candidates
  • Friday, 24 March 2017 Ballot papers to be circulated to Fellows
  • Friday 21 April 2017 Deadline for return of ballot papers
  • Monday 24 April 2017 Ballot papers opened and votes counted
  • Monday 24 April 2017 Letters sent to successful Candidates advising them of the result of the election, inviting them to attend the AGM. Letters sent to the Lead Proposers of unsuccessful candidates to notify them of the result.
  • Wednesday 26 April 2017 Results of election announced publicly
  • Wednesday 17 May 2017 Annual General Meeting – welcome and formal admission of those newly-elected Fellows able to attend