Criteria for Election

Our bye-laws set out who may become a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales:

Fellows shall be persons resident in Wales, persons of Welsh birth who are resident elsewhere and others with a particular connection with Wales. In each case, having a demonstrable record of excellence and achievement in one of the academic disciplines or, being members of the professions, the arts, industry, commerce or public service, having made a distinguished contribution to the world of learning (Bye-law 10.1).

Although criteria and measures of distinction may vary between different fields, in all cases excellence can be defined in terms of:

  • contributions
  • the impact of these contributions on learning in Wales or more widely
  • the originality of methods employed in the discipline or profession and contributions to academic life and wider society
  • the professional standing of the Nominee in question within the academy or outside it
  • evidence of national/international reputation

See LSW Guidance – Election Criteria and Benchmarks – 19-20 for further information

Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows of the Learned Society of Wales are those who have made a highly distinguished contribution to the world of learning.

Our bye-laws state that:

Such persons may be elected to be Honorary Fellows whose excellence and achievement mean that their election to be Honorary Fellows is deemed to be of benefit to the reputation and activities of the Society (Bye-law 11.1)

Election to Honorary Fellowship is exceptional and is offered only to persons of outstanding distinction. No more than two Honorary Fellows are elected each year.

See LSW Guidance – Honorary Fellowship -19-20 for further information.