Nominations for General Secretary

The General Secretary is one of the Society’s five officers, “responsible to the Council for the general conduct of the Society’s business”. A full role description is available here:

Alan Shore

Professor Alan Shore is our current General Secretary, is eligible for re-election for a second term, and has indicated his willingness to stand again.

Other nominations are also welcome. All Fellows are eligible for consideration.

The General Secretary will be appointed for a three-year period, starting at our Annual General Meeting on 20 May 2020. The elected Fellow may seek re-election for a second term; they will not be eligible for a further term thereafter.

To submit a nomination for General Secretary, please complete the Nomination Form and return it to Amanda Kirk by 5.00pm on Monday 23 March.

At least two nominators are required. By submitting a nomination, you are confirming that the Fellow named is willing to stand for election.