Menelaus Medal 2016 – Call for nominations

STEMM Fellows of the Society are invited to submit the names of one or more candidates who fulfil the criteria for the award of the Medal, as defined in the Menelaus Medal Regulations approved by the Council of the Society in July 2015:

The Menelaus Medal of the Learned Society of Wales shall be awarded for excellence in any field of engineering and technology to an academic, to an industrial researcher, or to an industrial practitioner who is resident in Wales, or who is of Welsh birth but is resident elsewhere, or who otherwise has a particular connection with Wales.

Nominations should be submitted, using the Menelaus Medal Nomination Form 2015-16, to reach Dr Sarah Morse  by no later than Friday, 29 January 2016.

You may not nominate yourself for consideration but you may nominate other Fellows of the Learned Society of Wales. Nominations that were submitted during earlier cycles but which were unsuccessful will be given further consideration during 2015/16. Where appropriate, Fellows who submitted nominations in this category are most welcome to submit a further form containing updated information for consideration during the present round.

The Medal is sponsored by the South Wales Institute of Engineers Educational Trust (SWIEET2007) and is named after the engineer and iron and steel manufacturer and general manager of the Dowlais Iron Company, William Menelaus (1818-82), who founded the original South Wales Institute of Engineers in 1857.  More information about SWIEET2007 may be found on the Trust’s website:

The Regulations provide for the Medal ordinarily to be awarded to one person during each Society Year (being the period between Annual General Meetings of the Society) and to be awarded to the person deemed to be the most worthy by the Menelaus Medal Committee.  The Committee comprises two Fellows of the Learned Society of Wales appointed by the Council (Professor Roger Owen and Professor Vernon Morgan) and one representative of the SWIEET Board of Trustees (Mr Philip Hourahine).  In the event that the Committee concludes that no person meets the appropriate standard of excellence during a particular Society Year, the Medal will be withheld.

During 2015/16 a decision on the award of the Medal will be made by no later than the end of March 2016.  The Medal will be presented by the President of the Society during a ceremony which will be arranged by the Society and, following the presentation, the Medallist will be required to deliver a lecture suitable for young people and the public.