Nomination Form and Guidelines

The call for nominations opens in November 2019

Please read the guidance notes below before completing the nomination form.  


The Dillwyn Medals are awarded by Council of the Learned Society of Wales and will be awarded annually in recognition of excellence in early career research. Three medals will be awarded, one each in the following broad fields:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine;
  • Social sciences, Education, and Business;
  • Humanities and Creative Arts

Nominated individuals will be an early career researcher working in higher education, the public or private sector, or in industry. “Early career researcher” is defined as “a researcher with a minimum of two years’ work experience and no more than ten years work experience”.

Eligible candidates should be “individuals who have demonstrated outstanding ability in their work, research and professional practice” and at least 6 years past graduation of first degree.

Candidates  should  be  resident  in Wales,  of Welsh  birth  or must  otherwise  demonstrate a  particular  connection with Wales 

How to nominate candidates

  • Only nominations submitted on the appropriate forms will be accepted
  • Nominations can only be made by individuals
  • Each nomination must be proposed by three individuals (A lead proposer and two seconders)
  • Electronic forms should be submitted with electronic signatures where possible, if electronic signatures are not available then a signed hard copy must be submitted
  • Sufficient information must be provided for reasoned judgements to be made
  • It is the proposer’s responsibility to provide adequate information on the form
  • Incomplete forms will not be considered
  • The call for nominations opens in November 2019
  • The nomination form should comprise a supporting statement which should include:-
    •  What makes the individual worthy of the medal
    • The strength of the individual’s academic background
    • Any relevant prizes and awards received
    • Future career prospects (i.e. is he/she a potential rising star?)
    • Any presentations at, or involvement in, significant events or conferences
    • Number of publications, and most noteworthy
    •  Any impact activities e.g. commercialisation, knowledge exchange and public engagement
  • Two supporting references are required and the referees must be identified on the nomination form.  The referees must be independent of the candidate’s own institution.  PhD supervisors and co-authors are not permitted to provide references.  Referees must be able to provide an objective assessment.  It is the proposer’s responsibility to ask the referees to send their supporting references to the Society by the closing date.
  • As a public lecture is required, nominees should be able to attract a wide audience as well as speak to specialists in their discipline. They should be an effective communicator.
  • A two page CV for the nominee must be provided with the nomination form. CVs longer than two pages may deem the nomination ineligible for consideration.
  • Please note that the following are excluded from making nominations:
    • LSW Dillwyn Medal Committee members
    •  Institutions, Organisations and Companies
  • Please note that the following are excluded from being nominated:
    • LSW Council members
    • LSW Dillwyn Medal Committee members
    • Institutions, Organisations and Companies
  • The nomination must be kept confidential

Conditions of the award

  • Each of the Dillwyn Medals will ordinarily be awarded to one person during each Society Year (being the period between Annual General Meetings of the Society) but, in the event that the Committee concludes that no person meets the appropriate standard of excellence during a particular Society Year, a Medal shall not be awarded
  • The recipients will be awarded a specially struck commemorative medal and is expected to receive the Award in person at a ceremony. The Medal shall be normally presented by the President of the Society during a ceremony on the same day as the Society’s AGM (in mid-May), arranged by the Society
  • Each medal will be accompanied by a monetary prize and a certificate
  • Recipients are required to deliver a relevant public lecture and/or publish a short article that could be used to raise the profile of early career research in Wales. Such a lecture should be suitable for a non-specialist audience. The Society will bear the costs associated with this lecture such as advertising, provision of rooms and audiovisual aids

Completed nomination forms should the returned to the LSW Office via email.

Dillwyn Medals Nomination Form (coming soon)

Dillwyn Medal Referees Form (coming soon)

Dillwyn Medal – regulations October 2016