Online Workshop: What’s the Message? Communicating your research to a wider audience

28 Mar, 2023:

10:30 am -

28 Mar, 2023:

12:00 pm

Join Dr Emma Yhnell in this interactive workshop which will explore how to convey complex ideas and information to different audiences in engaging and innovative ways. Alongside understanding the importance of clear communication, we will consider how best to adapt your message to different audiences.

The session will be interactive in nature, please be prepared to contribute and get involved. The session will run online and, with this in mind, please feel free to attend the session in the way that best suits your situation, whether you have children in tow, intermittent Wi-Fi connection or prefer your camera on or off, please attend in any way that you feel most comfortable and please let us know when you register if you have any specific accessibility requirements.

Speaker Biography:

Dr Emma Yhnell is a passionate and award-winning science communicator, working in the Huntington’s disease research clinic inspired her and demonstrated the need to provide accessible and engaging information to different audiences.

Emma delivers engaging, interactive sessions with passion and infectious enthusiasm. She is a respected academic who has built a reputation for her ability to untangle the academically technical and translate it into entertaining, relevant and accessible content. She is a regular contributor to local radio and television as well as a commentator for the Science Media Centre. As a first generation academic, she is working hard to change the typical image of academia, to make science more open, honest and fun. 

This workshop will be held in English only