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The role of arts and culture in developing Wales’s international profile

Tuesday 10 December 2019, at 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
National Museum Wales Cardiff CF10 3NP
A discussion led by David Anderson, Director General of Museums Wales. Panellists to be confirmed.

Coinciding with the development of the Welsh Government’s International Strategy, our Wales and the World series aims to expand the discussion and deepen our understanding of Wales’s “soft power” assets.

This second event in our series will consider the role played by our culture, the arts and heritage in developing Wales’s international profile. The evening will look at the current activities of the cultural sector, and also look to what more can be done to maximise the sector’s potential.

Evidence from the 2016 Welsh Election Study reveals that over half of respondents considered taking pride in Wales’ history, heritage or landscape, and its culture, literature and arts as an important part of what it means to be Welsh. The richness of our ‘beirdd a chantorion’, the creative industries, and our arts, are not simply useful tourist attractions; they are at the core of the modern, bilingual Wales.

 Culture is one of our most significant ‘soft power’ resources, and this discussion will consider how the Welsh government’s international strategy should realise the potential of the promotion and development of Wales’ culture, arts and heritage.

We are keen that a broad range of stakeholders participate in these discussions, which will expand upon the soft power approaches within the Government’s International Strategy.

Event Details
Tuesday 10 December 2019
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
National Museum Wales
Cardiff CF10 3NP