Welcome to our new Fellows

Introducing the four new Fellows elected to the Learned Society of Wales in 2024 who work in chemistry, physics, astronomy and earth sciences.

Professor Erminia Calabrese FLSW

Professor & Deputy Director of Research
Cardiff University

Professor Calabrese is ân observational cosmologist. She is a specialist in using the relic light from the Big Bang, the ancient, faint radiation left over from the early stages of the Universe, to probe the physics and evolution of the Universe. She moved to Wales in 2017 and established a cosmology team in the Cardiff School of Physics and Astronomy. This team is at the forefront of cosmic microwave background science and plays leading roles in developing the roadmap for new cosmological discoveries.

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Professor Stephen Eales FLSW

Professor of Astrophysics & Co-Director of Cardiff Hub for Astrophysics Research and Technology
Cardiff University

Professor Eales has pioneered the use of submillimetre astronomy to study galaxies, their origin and evolution. He has designed and lead many important surveys and invented some of the key concepts in the field. These surveys have led to many discoveries, including the ancestors of present-day elliptical galaxies, changes to galaxies in the relatively recent past, a population of strongly lensed galaxies in the early universe, and the large-scale variation in the properties of interstellar dust within galaxies.

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Professor Yueng-Djern Lenn FLSW

Professor in Physical Oceanography
Bangor University

Professor Lenn’s research focuses on the impact on sea ice and climate of heat transported by the polar oceans. She revealed new details of how Southern Ocean eddies are a key part of the great Antarctic Circumpolar Current’s energy balance; these eddies simultaneously move heat towards the icy Antarctic continent. In the Arctic, her work has documented how quickly the dynamics of this region are responding to climate change, heralding the ‘Atlantification’ of the Arctic which remains a hot topic.

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“It’s such an honour to be elected as a Fellow of Learned Society of Wales, and I hope this will only encourage women and girls, and other under-represented groups who want to pursue science, to do so. I look forward to working with LSW colleagues to diversify the Welsh academic community and so enrich our discourse and achievements.”

Professor Andrew Westwell FLSW

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry & Independent Board Member (Velindre University NHS Trust)
Cardiff University

Professor Westwell’s research interests centre on preclinical targeted cancer drug discovery. Work on the discovery of a novel Bcl3 inhibitor, in collaboration with industry partners, has progressed into advanced preclinical development and was recognised by Cardiff University’s Innovation in Healthcare award (2016). Research achievements are documented in more than170 international journal publications and five international patent filings during his career.

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