Welcome to our new Fellows

Introducing the two new Fellows elected to the Learned Society of Wales in 2024 who work in cellular, molecular, evolutionary, organismal and ecosystem sciences.

Professor Brian Ford-Lloyd FLSW

Emeritus Professor
University of Birmingham

Professor Ford-Lloyd’s work, using conventional and molecular techniques, has enhanced the conservation of crop genetic resources. This work involves both ex situ and in situ conservation and with attention to climate change.

Professor Ford-Lloyd was Director of an international Masters course for over 20 years with several hundred international students having been trained in genetic resources.

As Director of the Graduate School, he has guided the careers of postgraduate researchers across the University. This underpins his research advisory appointments both in Hong Kong and with Sêr Cymru.

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Professor Rattan Yadav FLSW

Professor of Plant Genetics
Aberystwyth University

Professor Yadav’s research, over the last 30 years, has focussed on capturing and translating naturally occurring genetic variations present in crops’ germplasm for ‘public good’ outcomes. In partnership with researchers in south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, he has developed novel genetic and genomics resources, and has demonstrated their uses in efficient dissection and breeding of complex traits such as drought tolerance and grain nutritional traits in pearl millet varieties providing societal, economic, environmental and health impacts at a global scale.

Read more about Professor Yadav’s work.