Welcome to our new Fellows

Introducing the four new Fellows elected to the Learned Society of Wales in 2024 who work in medicine and medical science.

Professor Stephan Collishaw FLSW

Personal Chair
Cardiff University

Professor Collishaw’s research looks at human development over the course of an entire life in order to study common mental health problems including depression and anxiety.  He gathers ongoing data from population groups to study the development of mental health problems across childhood, adolescence and into adulthood.  

He is also interested in ways of promoting mental health resilience in high risk children. His research examines population-level change in young people’s mental health, testing explanations for increases in youth anxiety and depression.

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“I feel honoured to be elected as a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales. The Society’s promotion of creativity and learning in the arts and sciences is immensely valuable to Wales.”

Professor Angharad Davies FLSW

Clinical Professor & Honorary Consultant Medical Microbiologist
Swansea University

Professor Davies is a clinical academic, honorary consultant medical microbiologist, and Vice-President for Learning with the Royal College of Pathologists (2020 – 2023). She oversees UK clinical training and postgraduate examinations in all seventeen pathology specialties, making a major contribution to both the College’s work and her clinical specialty.

She is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has led national and international projects in the field of antimicrobial resistance and stewardship education. She is also active in supporting the clinical research community at Wales and UK level. 

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Professor Peter Groves FLSW

Consultant Cardiologist

Professor Groves has led clinical innovation and provided national and local leadership in medical technology development for over thirty years. He has led academic and research initiatives, chaired medical technology professional advisory committees at MHRA and NICE and has led and shaped the evolution of Health Technology Wales. His expertise throughout has been founded on the perspective of a clinician who uses emerging medical technologies in day-to-day clinical practice and who has guided the establishment of technology-based clinical service developments. 

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Professor Mark Taubert FLSW

Clinical Director for Palliative Medicine & Honorary Professor, Cardiff University
Velindre University NHS Trust

Professor Taubert’s focus is palliative care, using new media in clinical settings and decision making towards the end-of-life. He is the founder of TalkCPR.com and chairs a national steering group that aims to improve understanding on advance care planning. He has delivered an international Ted Talk on subtleties in language that are relevant to palliative care, and his projects have been featured on BBC News, the Guardian, CNN, Al Jazeera and the Washington Post.

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