Welcome to our new Fellows

Introducing the eight new Fellows elected to the Learned Society of Wales in 2023 who work in engineering.

Professor Liana Cipcigan FLSW

Liana Cipcigan

Research theme leader - Sustainable Transport
Cardiff University

Professor Cipcigan is playing a leading role in decarbonising transport through electrification and smart grids, not least by leading the Electric Vehicle Centre of Excellence at Cardiff University. Professor Cipcigan is also a strong EDI advocate and plays an important role promoting women within engineering.

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Professor Carol Featherston FLSW

Sustainable Transport Lead
Cardiff University

Professor Featherston is a chartered engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and Royal Aeronautical Society with industrial experience at Airbus, ICI, and Rolls Royce. Her expertise is in the design and optimization of lightweight structures for the aerospace, automotive, and civil sectors. She leads several initiatives focused on sustainable transport and decarbonizing transport through electrification at Cardiff University. She is also the Honorary Secreatary of the Applied Mechanics Group of the Institute of Physics and an ambassador for the Aerospace Wales Forum.

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"I am delighted to have been elected to the Learned Society of Wales and look forward to making a contribution to its important activities."

Professor Tim Green FLSW

Tim Green

Professor of Electrical Power Engineering
Imperial College London

Professor Green is a Professor of Electrical Power Engineering at Imperial College London. His research focus is on developing a cost-effective and highly reliable zero carbon electricity supply system that can accommodate variable renewable sources. He specializes in power electronics and works on control, stability, and protection of power systems with high penetration of inverter-based resources. His work has been supported by various organizations including EPSRC, Hitachi Energy, National Grid ESO, and UK Power Networks.

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"I am really thrilled to be elected Fellow. I’ve lived away from Wales for many years but am proud to be Welsh and delighted to be able to play a part in the Learned Society of Wales."

Professor Cathy Holt FLSW

Cathy Holt

Professor of Biomechanics and Orthopaedic Engineering
Cardiff University

Cathy Holt, Professor of Biomechanics and Orthopaedic Engineering, is Director of the Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Research Facility, Cardiff University, a member of the Royal Academy of Engineering Healthcare Technology Group, and past Chair of the IMechE Biomedical Engineering Board. Her research focusses on movement analysis applied to orthopaedics and rehabilitation. She has played a leading role in interdisciplinary research with funding exceeding £25 million.

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"I am delighted and honoured to become a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales and look forward to contributing to the valuable activities and opportunities that the Society provides for people across Wales diverse community."

Professor Roger King FLSW

William L. Giles Distinguished Emeritus Professor
Mississippi State University

Roger King is an Emeritus Distinguished Professor at Mississippi State University. Professor King’s research in field of image and signal processing has been widely cited and has led to diverse applications. He has led multiple large interdisciplinary research centres and has secured over $90 million in research funding. Professor King has also made significant contributions to public policy and has served as Chief Technologist for Earth Observation at NASA, as well as having a successful career in the US Bureau of Mines.

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"I am very humbled by this recognition and look forward to being able to give back to the Learned Society of Wales and Wales."

Professor Chenfeng Li FLSW

Chenfeng Li

Personal Chair in the Faculty of Science and Engineering
Swansea University

Chenfeng Li, Professor of Civil Engineering and Personal Chair in Computational Engineering, is internationally recognized for his research in computational solid mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, physics-based data mining, and visual computing. Professor Li has developed innovative computational solutions to tackle technical challenges in civil engineering, geo-mechanics, oil & gas reservoirs, materials science, and manufacturing. His expertise has been sought after by various organisations in the infrastructure and construction sectors. Additionally, he has served as the Editor-in-Chief of Engineering Computations.

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"I am both humbled and grateful for the privilege of being elected to the Learned Society of Wales, and will strive to contribute my knowledge and expertise to further its mission."

Professor Paul Rees FLSW

Paul Rees

Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Swansea University

Paul Rees, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Swansea University, has collaborated with world leading institutes such as the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, the Methodist Hospital Research Institute in Houston and the Francis Crick Institute in London. His research has pioneered the use of machine and deep learning to high content cell image data for disease diagnosis, therapeutic discovery, and cell function analysis.

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"I am honoured to be elected as a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales and excited to be able to contribute to the society’s activities and work in the future."

Professor Rossi Setchi FLSW

Professor in High-Value Manufacturing
Cardiff University

Rossi Setchi is a Professor in High-Value Manufacturing and Director of the Research Centre in AI, Robotics and Human-Machine Systems at Cardiff University. She has provided leadership on over 30 collaborative projects funded by the Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering, EPSRC and the European Commission, and collaborated with over 50 universities and 30 industrial companies. She has promoted both the engineering profession and Welsh education. Professor Setchi has completed multimillion projects with industry and government, generating significant impact through technology transfer, innovation, and investment in Welsh manufacturing.

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