Welcome to our new Fellows

Introducing the five new Fellows elected to the Learned Society of Wales in 2023 who work in medicine and medical science.

Clare Bryant

Professor Clare Bryant FLSW

Professor of Innate Immunity
Cambridge University

Professor Bryant trained in veterinary medicine and is a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, but much of her work is also concerned with human biology. She specialises in the field of innate immunity, which is one of the first lines of defence against antigens, harmful materials, entering the body. This has led to work developing medicines for treating allergies and Alzheimer’s disease.

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"I am very proud of my Welsh heritage and it is a tremendous privilege to be elected as a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales."

Professor Rachel Collis FLSW

Rachel Collis

Consultant Anaesthetist
Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Professor Rachel Collis’ work in the field of obstetric anaesthesia and has improved the clinical management and standards of care for women worldwide. Most of her time is devoted to direct patient care and her research questions has been formed whilst working in the clinical environment. Her main interests have been reducing pain during childbirth and new insights into the management of post-partum haemorrhage leading to improving maternal outcomes. 

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Professor Jamie Davies FLSW

Professor of Experimental Anatomy
University of Edinburgh

Professor Jamie Davies, Professor of Experimental Anatomy at the University of Edinburgh, works on the embryonic development of the kidney. In effect, his research has meant that mini-kidneys can be made from stem cells, vastly improving the study of kidney development, the testing of drugs and the treatment of kidney disease.

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Jamie Davies

"I am delighted to be elected, and hope to play my small part in helping to promote the sciences in the land of my birth."

Professor Sheila Hunt FLSW

Personal and Leadership Coach

Professor Hunt is an influential figure in the fields of clinical and academic healthcare in the UK. She has played a crucial role in developing clinicians and researchers in Wales and has encouraged and supported nursing and midwifery academics and NHS clinicians in grant-seeking, research dissemination and paper writing. Professor Hunt is a member of the All Wales Individual  Patient Funding Request Panel –  IPFR  Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee. Her contributions to improving the health of the people of Wales, the NHS, research and education have been outstanding.

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Sheila Hunt

Professor Alan Parker FLSW

Professor of Translational Virotherapies
Cardiff University

As Head of Solid Cancers within Cardiff University’s Division of Cancer and Genetics, Professor Parker specializes in developing tumour selective virotherapies, that target and infect cancer cells without affecting normal cells. His work, and the potential treatments it heralds, is regularly featured in the media and he uses the importance of (and excitement surrounding) his work in outreach and engagement activities.

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"I’m absolutely thrilled to be elected a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales, and extremely grateful to my many talented colleagues and collaborators, without whom I would not have been able to achieve this special accolade."