Professor Sir  Stephen O’Rahilly

Elected: 2019

Area(s): Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine & Mathematics

Specialist Subject(s): Biochemistry, Medicine

Stephen O’Rahilly graduated from University College Dublin with the Gold Medal in Medicine, and is now Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Medicine at the University of Cambridge. He is Director of the MRC Metabolic Disease Unit, co-Director of the Wellcome-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science, Scientific Director of the NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre, an Associate Faculty at the Sanger Institute and Fellow of Pembroke College.

Professor O’Rahilly has undertaken seminal studies on the genetics of obesity and insulin resistance, which have contributed to our understanding of the control of energy intake and expenditure. The relevance of this work to the modern epidemic of obesity is testament to his team’s commitment to translating basic research into clinical practice. He is Principal Investigator of a current portfolio of grants amounting to £40m.

His research has been recognised by numerous Honorary Doctorates and awards, including the Rolf Luft, Feldberg and Baillet Latour prizes for outstanding scientific achievement in biomedical research for the benefit of human health. He has more than 500 publications, is a Harveian Orator, Chair of the Max Planck Institute Science Board for Metabolic Research and a Member of the Francis Crick Institute Science Board. Professor O’Rahilly was knighted in 2013 for services to medical research.